About Jeff

Jeff's latest work is centered on the implementation of the new Common Core. He has a series of one day workshops on teaching the reading and composing of narrative, argument, and informational text structures.

Standard Keynotes and Presentations

  • Meeting and Exceeding the CCSS for Narrative Text
  • Meeting and Exceeding the CCSS for Argumentative Text
  • Meeting and Exceeding the CCSS for Informational Text
  • Reframing Curriculum through Inquiry
  • You Gotta BE the Book: Teaching Engaged and Reflective Reading
  • Boys and Literacy: Lesson from Reading Don't Fix No Chevys
  • Teaching with the End in Mind: Teaching Towards Meaningful Making

Sample Workshops

50-, 75-, and 90- Minute Workshops
Title Possible Duration Activities
Reading IS Seeing Half day Guided imagery, picture talks, central focus/main idea sequencing, picture mapping
Inquiring Minds:Inquiry and Design Full day/two days  
Asking Better Questions Half day/full day  
Symbolic Story Representation Half day  
Action Strategies Half day/full day  
Think-alouds Half day/full day  
Usage and Grammar: Inquiry into Language Half day/full day Grammar and usage
  • Teaching language use
  • Teaching proofreading
  • Teaching revision
Video and Hypermedia Design Half day Text and task specific strategies for reading and writing
Issues of Censorship and the Canon Half day/full day  
Into the Flow Half day/full day  

Full day/Two Day Workshops

Title Possible Duration Activities
Reaching Reluctant Readers Full day/2 days